Jason Garfield

Jason Garfield is the greatest juggler I love to hate. He has added a detailed timeline of his rise to fame and his juggling accomplishments on his website. I have purchased juggling balls, videos and his book and I’ve been very pleased with all of them. Jason doesn’t play around when he says he wants to make juggling a competitive sport. He brought competitive juggling to television and with the help of Mark Bakalor is bringing his brand of juggling to the world.


TV Station Traffic directors

I work part-time at a TV station and from time to time I have to deal with information about the commercials we air.  Many commercials are identified with an alpha-numeric code called an ISCI.  ISCI stands for International Standard Coding Identification.  Many large advertisers use ISCI’s to uniquely identify their commercials.  So that Coke commercial you just saw might be called COKE1234.  Scheduling the advertising at a TV station is handled by the Traffic manager or director. Find out more about what a Traffic director does at Traffic Director’s Guild of America.