Odd and Even

Surely someone else noticed this years ago, but I just thought of it today:

odd + odd = even (ie: 3 + 5 = 8 )
even + odd = odd (ie: 10 + 5 = 15 )
even + even = even (ie: 4 + 2 = 6 )


WJF Juniors Juggling

I could not enter the WJF because at the beginner level you must do at least 10 catches of a 5 ball cascade. Needless to say I would not meet the minimum requirements for the Juniors either. (I’m also too old.)

2007 WJF Juniors Compulsory Moves

3 Balls:

1. Four sets of (4,2) (6x,4)
2. Four sets of a two ball multiplex
3. Twelve catches of a shower pattern
4. Six connected behind the back throws (Alternating right and left throws continuously)
5. Twelve connected overhead throws (Alternating right and left throws continuously)
6. Three up 180
7. Three up 360

4 Balls

1. Sixteen catches of four balls in an asynch pattern
2. Sixteen catches of four balls in a synch pattern

5 Balls

1. Five catches of five balls.

3 Rings:

1. 12 catches of three rings
2. Four sets of columns
3. Six catches of a half shower from one side
4. Three sets of on and off the neck
5. One up 180
6. One up 360
7. Three catches of a full reverse
8. Pull down with a pancake catch

4 Rings:

1. Eight catches of four rings in an asynch pattern
2. Eight catches of four rings in an synch pattern

3 Clubs:

1. Nine catches
2. Three connected double spins
3. One triple spin

How to transfer songs from your iPod

You can copy files from you iPod to your computer without any special software. The files are stored in hidden folders beginning with the letter F followed by a two digit number. On my computer running Mac OS X they are located here:




Just navigate to the folder containing a song you want to transfer back to your computer and then drag that song to your hard drive.

I will be writing a longer article about how to move all your songs at once and how to find a file even when it has a cryptic four letter file name like XTYW.mp3.