Sundials are cool

Sundials are cool.  I love technology from 3,000 years ago.


The Juggling Method

I am a very slow learner, so I have to practice over and over for days and days before I get a trick down. I’m trying to improve my 4-ball juggling. Here is one method I have tried recently. I can usually do the 4 ball asynchronous fountain for 8 catches cold. So I start off by doing 10 runs of 8 catches each. I can usually complete all 10 runs without a drop if I have already warmed up for a couple of minutes. Then I do another 10 runs of 9 catches each. I continue like this until I drop. Each time adding a catch. Like this:

10 runs of 8 catches each (80 catches)
10 runs of 9 catches each (90 catches, 170 total)
10 runs of 10 catches each (100 catches, 270 total)
10 runs of 11 catches each (110 catches, 380 total)
10 runs of 12 catches each (120 catches, 500 total)
10 runs of 13 catches each (130 catches, 630 total)

Saturday I could only do about 7 runs of 14 catches before I dropped. Maybe it was because I was tired, but it could also be that I was getting kind of bored and I wasn’t focused on what I was doing. Some days I switch around a lot, attempting all kinds of different tricks with different props. It helps me to keep my interest up, but when I do that I don’t see a lot of improvement in any one skill. Doing the drills and adding one catch to each run yields the best results for me and helps me focus my efforts.

A Day at the Park

I juggled in Center City Park again Saturday afternoon. I do it under the guise of practice, but I enjoy showing off a little. I’m not a very good juggler, but no one gives me a hard time. I’m hoping to meet other jugglers, but they seem to be rare. Anyone is welcome to come out and watch if they like. Sometimes people come out and throw frisbees or play with hula hoops, but most people just sit around enjoying the sights and sounds. Center City Park is on Elm St. between Friendly Ave. and Bellemeade St. in Greensboro.

I am spoiled rotten

I am a spoiled, middle-class, white man. I am in good health. I am single with no children. I have a roommate, but I come and go as I please. My room is a mess and my own personal bathroom is not particularly clean. I spend all my free time doing pretty much as I please, walking, juggling, camping. I don’t have any pets. I rarely contribute to any charities, although I will donate my time and labor to friends on occasion. In 2000 in North Carolina, the median income was $37,847. I make about $19,000 as a control room operator at a TV station. My parents loved me and took good care of me. I have a college degree, but I’ve only had one job which required any college. Some Christians would say that I will go to Hell when I die because I don’t believe that Jesus died for my sins. Maybe it’s because I’ve had an easy life that I don’t cry out to God for help, for forgiveness. Maybe one day I will fall on hard times. Maybe then I will pray in ernest. I don’t know how I’ll behave until I’m in that situation.