Juggling in Center City Park

I am going to do my best to go to Center City Park this Saturday at 7 pm and juggle until I’m worn out. If you know anyone who wants to learn to juggle or improve their juggling, tell them to come on out. I think at least one other juggler will be joining me and I’ll be inviting a couple more. Also it’s always fun to teach interested people who just happen to be in the park that day.


Mysterious Text

I found this on the internet. Does anyone know what it means?

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Device Key: AA856A1BA814AB99FFDEBA6AEFBE1C04
Found at memory location: 0x000089EC
Device Key: AA856A1BA814AB99FFDEBA6AEFBE1C04
Found at memory location: 0x00008A20

Re: AACS DRM Arnezami muslix64 Janvitos

Underground Press

From Zine World:

Walk into virtually any corporate-owned bookstore in America, and you won’t find anything on any shelf that wasn’t designed, mass-produced, ordered, delivered, and stocked primarily for the purpose of making a profit.

At its best, the underground press is the opposite of that. It’s not about how much money can be squeezed out of publishing. It’s about how much of the writer/artist’s soul he or she can squeeze onto the page.

We’re passionate about the underground press. We give a damn, and we believe our readers do too. Zine World is written, edited, published, and mailed out by an all-volunteer staff who believe free speech is for everyone, not just for giant corporations. Nobody here gets paid; we do it because we love it.

CheesyLibrarian introduced me to the fascinating world of underground publishing. She writes reviews for Zine World.

Anthony Gatto in Cirque du Soleil Kooza

Anthony Gatto Cirque du Soleil Kooza
Kooza is the 2007 touring show of the Cirque du Soleil and Anthony Gatto will be one of the featured performers. Even though Gatto dances around a little he focuses mostly on very difficult technical juggling. In this video he juggles four and five props (clubs and a ball) in very difficult patterns and combinations, then ends with a run of 6 clubs. He has juggled as many as 8 clubs, 10 balls, and 12 rings. Who knows what you might see in Kooza?

From the press release:

Balls, hoops, and clubs fly in unprecedented numbers and at speeds that the eye and the brain can’t easily process. And they don’t just pass from hand to hand, they arc and fly into waiting props and receptacles with a seemingly impossible accuracy. This juggling act has been called, quite simply, the best in the world.

Watch a video of part of his act on YouTube.

Juggling Podcast #20

Luke and Pola
Luke and Pola have great chemistry in their podcast and I find them very entertaining. Now I want to move to Europe because they make the juggling scene seem really fun. I hope fame doesn’t spoil them. From their description:

Luke and Pola are on a big ship. They talk about their first ever cruise ship show, play the interview with Bibi and Bichu and talk for way too long about juggling conventions. At least the first 30 minutes are good. Audio quality not perfect this week. Length: 61 minutes. File size: about 34mb. Date added: May 14th 2007.

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