More news from IJA 2007

I saw the Welcome Show with my nephews John, Josh, and Joe at the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem, NC. The lineup included Ivan Pecel, Jan Slaw, The Fettuccini Brothers, AJ Silver and a few others I am forgetting. One guy flashed 5 ping pong balls with his mouth! The Juniors Champions were two guys from Japan and one guy from the USA. The Japanese guys both got standing ovations and everyone was in tears because of the beauty of their performances. The first place winner did a spectacular 1, 2 and 3 diabolo routine with white diabolos on a red string. The second place winner’s routine involved white rings and clear balls. Both were nicely choreographed and flawlessly performed.

The best part of the festival was socializing with other jugglers and learning from them. Seeing professional jugglers in the flesh was exciting, too. It was a great pleasure watching other jugglers practice and observing a high level of skill and discipline. I can’t wait until I can attend another juggling convention.

Juggling Festival in Winston-Salem this week

I spent several hours at the International Juggling Association Festival yesterday. I saw Vova Galchenko doing amazing things with more props in the air than I could count. I spoke with Jason Garfield briefly as he sat behind his Apple Powerbook or MacBook Pro. Ivan Pecel was showing off or practicing. I couldn’t tell which. There were lots of people juggling 5 objects or more. I really nice guy named Paul showed my nephews John, and Joe how to juggle 3 balls. He did a really good job of keeping their interest. They both qualified the 3 ball cascade in less than 30 minutes. I’ve never been that successful when teaching them. he showed me how to do some new 3 ball patterns and some bounce patterns. I bought a 24 inch unicycle that is really high quality. I am able to ride it, but I must start while leaning against something.

Barber Motorsports Park

I’m spending the weekend at Barber Motorsports Park courtesy of Conover Motorsports and driver Thomas Lyman. According to the website:

“Barber Motorsports Park combines natural beauty and technical complexity to create a unique motorsports experience. It is without a doubt one of the finest racing facilities in the world, user friendly to both competitors and spectators.”