Truck Driver in Training

Schneider National
I have one year of experience as an over-the-road driver and recently I decided to get back behind the wheel and hit the road again. I decided to go with Schneider National, my previous employer, and they said I had to attend the four-day orientation for experienced drivers. I drove to the nearest Schneider Training Academy in Charlotte, NC and began my re-introduction to the trucking life.

After a couple days of classroom refresher training I took a road test and I had a hard time shifting through the gears in the truck. When backing the truck and trailer into a parking space it took me several tries to get it right. I would attribute my poor performance to the fact that it has been three years since I have driven a truck. As a result the instructor recommended that I go back through the 14-day new driver training. I thought I would be in Charlotte for four days and then I would be sent out on the road, but my four days has turned into 14 days. I can’t wait to get going, but I’ll have to be patient.