Problems with Evolution

The scientific method depends on hypotheses that are falsifiable, testable, and repeatable. The problem with the theory of evolution is that it is very difficult to breed a new species in the span of only a couple hundred years. Intelligent Design (I.D.) proponents say it is impossible even if you had a billion years. How they know this I don’t know. I.D. proponents say new species were created by a Designer. This does even less to explain where different species came from.

Alright, Bobmo and Perry and anyone else, go at it.


Vova Galchenko sets new world record

I went to the International Juggling Association Festival in 2007 and saw Vova Galchenko practicing his jugging in the gymnasium. I was in awe at the things he could do with his juggling props. I wanted to go to the 2008 Festival in Lexington, KY but I couldn’t get that week off work.

I just checked and saw that Vova won first place in the Individual Championship Competition. He has also been busy performing in commercials and setting world records. Go Vova!


Cryptobiosis is a state that some living things enter when either frozen, dehydrated or deprived of oxygen. Metabolism and reproduction stop until the organism finds itself in an environment conducive to growth. Dried seeds are one example. Are they alive or dead? When they are exposed to water, nutrients and sunshine they resume growth. Lichen is another example. They sometimes go into a cryptobiotic state and survive in extremely cold or dry places. What’s unusual about lichen is that it is actually two organisms (a fungus and an algae) living in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Why be moral?

Some Christians argue that if morality doesn’t come from God, then there is no reason to be moral. Even if there is no God we still have to learn to get along. Do chimpanzees believe in God? They have a certain social order. Theft, murder, deception and infidelity take place. But they also cooperate, and express tenderness and generosity. Human morality is what we make it. We have more self-awareness than most animals and our society is more complex. Some people think we should permit homosexuality, others argue that it hurts the family. I think that stealing office supplies from my employer hurts me. It reduces company profits and if I get caught it damages my reputation. When we look to the Bible for moral guidelines we find a lot of wisdom. But many of its prohibitions no longer make sense today. “Because I said so” is every parent’s weakest reason for obedience. “Because God said so” is any person’s weakest reason for deciding that something is wrong.