I met a man at a truck stop in Perryville, Maryland who said that when we die we go to spend eternity with Q. He said that Q created the world and all the living things in it.

I asked him if bad people will go to be with Q, people who have stolen, lied or murdered. He said that when bad people die and appear before Q they will immediately feel ashamed and will repent of all their wrong-doing. Q will forgive them and let them spend eternity with him.

I asked about people who worship false gods. He said that there is only one true god, Q, but when idolaters appear before him they will realize the error of their way and worship Q for all eternity.

I had the feeling that this guy had just made up this god, Q, but I had no way to rebut his story.

What would you say to this believer in Q?


Claysville, Pennsylvania

I parked in a rest area on I-70 and was lulled to sleep by the sounds of interstate highway traffic.

This was the view from my rolling hotel’s (Rotel? *) window. Fortunately as the evening progressed traffic became lighter and quieter.

*There is a brand of motor oil for heavy duty diesel engines called Rotella. Coincidence?