Elkton, Maryland

The Petro Stopping Center in Elkton.


Hamer, South Carolina

There is a huge tourist attraction in Hamer. People from all over the U.S.A visit South of the Border. This was my fist time stopping at the (unremarkable) truck stop that is at the same exit, although I’ve driven by many times. This tourist trap is called South of the Border because it is just south of the North Carolina state line.

Porky’s Truck Stop in Hamer.

If you’re just joining me

Terry Gross, on her program, Fresh Air, routinely says, “If you’re just joining us, my guest is so an so. . .” But whether I’m just joining her or not has no bearing on who her guest is. What she means is: “My guest is so and so and I’m saying that for the benefit of those who have recently tuned in.” All she needs to do is pause and say the name of her guest. There is no need to explain why she is telling us who her guest is. “You’re listening to Fresh Air and my guest is Elijah Wood.”

Similarly, other people say things like, “If you’re hungry there’s food in the fridge.” Do they mean that if I’m not hungry there is no food in the fridge? If there is food in the fridge then is this statement true: “If you are not hungry, there is food in the fridge.”

Usually when people say “if” they mean that what follows is contingent on some condition being met. For example, if you have five dollars, you can buy a hamburger.

See? It’s easy.

[Posted from Waynesboro, Georgia]

Real Magic

“I’m writing a book on magic,” I explain, and I’m asked, “Real magic?” By real magic people mean miracles, thaumaturgical acts, and supernatural powers. “No,” I answer: “Conjuring tricks, Not real magic.”

Real magic, in other words refers to the magic that is not real, while the magic that is real, that can actually be done, is not real magic.

From Net of Magic by Lee Siegel

[Posted from Dallas, Texas]

Stalk Me

Instamapper has created an application for the iPhone which allows others to see my location on Google Maps. It does not update my location until I manually tell it to, but the map shows you how old the information is. If you see me stay in one spot for a long time, worry not. I probably just forgot or didn’t feel like updating my location. Also it usually puts the red dot on the nearest roadway, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am driving down the road. I could be off the road in a parking lot. Additionally, as far as I can tell, the altitude, heading, and speed information are usually not correct.

You can also access the map by clicking on “Stalk Me” on the left side of this page or by just going to dedwarmo.com/map/

David's Location

[Posted from Dallas, Texas]

Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring is about 560 km east of El Paso. After leaving Big Spring I saw hundreds of red lights blinking in unison on the horizon. It was still dark and I was too far away to see what they were. At first I thought they might be runway lights at an airport. As I got closer and the sun began to rise I could see that they were windmills. I’ve never seen so many windmills in one place in my life. I would have taken a picture but I seldom have much luck under such poor lighting conditions.