The AquaSkipper

The AquaSkipper

“The AquaSkipper’s patented design, hydrofoil wings and fiberglass spring let you fly across the water by hopping up and down.” –


Triad Jugglers Association

Kernersville Parks and Recreation

The most recent incarnation of TJA was founded by Mike Pacyga. Check out his website. The Triad Jugglers Association meets once a month at the Kernersville Parks and Recreation office. Meetings are informal. Mostly we just juggle and throw things at each other. Jugglers range from beginner to fairly experienced, from 3 ball juggling to 7 club passing. Every one is welcome. If you don’t know how to juggle we can help you learn.

Our listing at the Internet Juggling Database (Contact information)

Directions: Directions to Kernersville Department of Parks and Recreation:

From I-40 Business go south on NC Hwy 66 for about 0.9 miles. Turn right at South Park Drive (there is a a big yellow and black sign that says Industrial Park South). On the right there is a tiny, hard-to-read sign on the right that says Kernersville Parks and Recreation. Turn right into the parking lot and drive around behind the fire station and drive through the opening in the chain link fence to the gravel parking lot. You can either go through the white metal door or the door with the window in it.

The next meeting is Thursday, April 2, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Come early, come late, leave early, stay late. Whatever fits your schedule.

Kernersville Parks and Recreation: 336-996-3062


katakomben“The purpose of the Katakomben is to provide a space where juggling can unfold. We have people from all over the world training for themselves in optimal and concentrated conditions, and many jugglers taking workshops from top professionals.

The Katakomben stands for development. Whether it be in technique, concepts, playing, routines, performance or personally. We have two times 200 m² of open training space (one with music and one silent) and seven partitions for focussed work. In addition there are nine fixing points for arial artists and a 100 m² dance studio. The rooms are 6 Meters high, well heated and wonderfully cool in the summer.”

There might be something like this in New York City or Las Vegas, but unfortunately there aren’t enough jugglers or circus performers in North Carolina to support a place like this.

Communicating with Alien Intelligence

Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky has written an article he calls, “Communicating with Alien Intelligence.” He does not address the problem of how to differentiate between random gibberish and a message from an alien intelligence. He skips ahead to a hypothetical meeting of humans and aliens and asks whether or not they would be able to understand each other.

Smooth Blue Globe


On average the Earth is about 7,917 miles in diameter. Mount Everest is about 29,029 feet tall (about 5.5 miles). If you shrank the earth down, maintaining all it’s proportions, so that it was 7.917 inches across, then Mount Everest would be a bump 0.0055 inches high. By comparison, a piece of 20 pound paper is about .0038 inches thick. The deepest part of the ocean would be 0.0067 inches deep. That would be a very smooth ball. If it was even smoother still it shouldn’t take too much water to cover the entire surface, right? About 70 percent of the surface is already under water.