New MMX balls

MMX ballsI was given a set of PX3 clubs (made by Play) by my friends Henry and Nisha, so when I bought some the MMX balls made by Play, I had high hopes. They perform almost exactly as described,

“As soft as beanbags, these give a great smooth feeling in your hands and always keep a perfect round shape in the air. At the same time the MMX is as durable as a stage ball and easily washable, but doesn’t roll when dropped.”

They do differ from beanbags in that they will roll somewhat but come to a stop quickly because of the loose filling. I still use my beanbags in practice because I can do a two-finger snag in a desperate attempt to keep a ball from hitting the ground. Also the MMX balls will roll off your fingertips like any normal ball will if you don’t get a good grasp on it.

They are definitely more forgiving than regular balls, but not quite as forgiving as beanbags. They do look nice and since they remain spherical in flight I believe it is easier to control their trajectory.


El Circense

El Circense 3“La revista digital de circo que anda recoriendo este vasto mundo del arte, ese que nos hace respirar y palpitar con sus peripecias.” From in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In other words, “The digital circus magazine that recalls this vast world of art, that makes us breathe and throb with it’s adventures.”

Tesla will begin selling sedan

Tesla SedanIn 2011 Tesla Motors will begin delivering their all electric sedan, the Model S. They say it will cost $49,900 after a $7,500 tax credit. The base model will get 160 miles on one charge of the battery. You can buy an optional battery that will get about 230 miles per charge. Tesla has already been selling a roadster which costs $100,000 and goes from 0 – 60 mph in under 4 seconds. According to their blog they have sold 300 roadsters and have 1,000 people on a waiting list.

NASA, the Bible and the Missing Day

EarthriseMaybe you’ve heard this story.

In the tenth chapter of the Old Testament book of Joshua, it is recorded that the Sun “stood still.” One day while NASA scientists were using their computers to calculate orbits for the Earth, Sun, and other planets, they discovered that there was a “lost day.” After prodding by one of their colleagues who had attended Bible school as a child, the scientists reprogrammed their computers to include appropriate biblical facts and ultimately found their “lost day,” thus proving the biblical record to be accurate.

Now here’s a quote from, “[T]he story which claims that scientists have discovered the ‘long day of Joshua’ is untrue.”

My point is not to dispute the story of the Sun standing still. My point is to demonstrate how Christians with good intentions can spread false stories. Even now that we have computers and digital video, people who hear stories like these pass them on without checking to see if they are true. Before Gutenberg scribes took great pains to make faithful copies of scripture, but the above story shows that faithful copying is not enough to prevent false stories from spreading. The Answers In Genesis article says that the story probably has it’s origins in The Harmony of Science and Scripture by Harry Rimmer. Instead of NASA, Rimmer cites two astronomers. Did Mr. Rimmer know that the story he told was untrue or was he led astray by the astronomers? Did someone at some point deliberately lie about this story? What about other historical events? How much of what we believe is false or inaccurate? We put our trust in the hands of ancient historians and also in the hands of modern journalists and authors. How much of what they tell us can we believe?

Alan Plotkin Documentaries

Gatto DocumentaryI just bought Alan Plotkin’s documentary about the world’s greatest juggler, Anthony Gatto. I knew Anthony was good at a very young age, but I didn’t know he was performing as a professional at the age of 11. I also learned that Anthony gave up juggling for one or two years to start a landscaping business in his twenties. He said no one gave him applause when he was digging a hole to plant a tree. Alan Plotkin has also produced documentaries about The Flying Karamazov Brothers, The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Esther’s Follies and others. There is a whole universe that is being captured by filmmakers like Plotkin. I hope to catch just a glimpse.