Compassion and Choices

The Hemlock Society changed it’s name in 2003 to Compassion and Choices. I don’t like the new name, but oh well. They did surveys and focus group tests. This will be better, right?

The Hemlock Society was founded to fight “for voluntary euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide to be made legal for terminally and hopelessly ill adults.” –


Inflammatory Speach

Come to think of it .. maybe the United States government ought to cancel all assistance to LA until these people develop an ability to think rationally. -Neal Boortz regarding California’s stand on Arizona’s immigration laws.

I know Neal Boortz is being facetious and being facetious is entertaining, but he seems to be trying to be rational and reasonable in the rest of his post. It just gets under my skin when talk show hosts make ad hominem attacks even if they are kind of kidding around. All talk show hosts are guilty of this more or less and it makes it hard for me to listen to anything else they have to say, even if I already agree with their position.