Inflammatory Speach

Come to think of it .. maybe the United States government ought to cancel all assistance to LA until these people develop an ability to think rationally. -Neal Boortz regarding California’s stand on Arizona’s immigration laws.

I know Neal Boortz is being facetious and being facetious is entertaining, but he seems to be trying to be rational and reasonable in the rest of his post. It just gets under my skin when talk show hosts make ad hominem attacks even if they are kind of kidding around. All talk show hosts are guilty of this more or less and it makes it hard for me to listen to anything else they have to say, even if I already agree with their position.


8 thoughts on “Inflammatory Speach

  1. I suppose evidence of irrational thought is not necessarily evidence of the inability to think rationally. Perhaps Boortz should have assumed that the folks in LA actually have the ability to think rationally, but have chosen not to use it.

  2. In another post he says, “some idiot calling for a boycott of Arizona.”

    In this post he calls Eric Holder a jerk: “Anyone who would push for the pardon of convicted terrorists to help a political candidate at the polls is a jerk.”

    And here “…take guns and openly display them at rallies. This is idiocy.”

    And here: “The other problem is that crazies like Cindy Sheehan have now been emboldened.”

  3. I agree with you about name calling, though we may disagree about exactly what constitutes name calling. For instance, calling someone an idiot is pretty clear, but calling a behavior idiocy is not (except, in Boortz’s case, he goes on to call them an idiot.)

    I’ve said that I would like to have a bumper sticker that says “NAME CALLERS ARE JERKS!”

  4. Not necessarily. Many otherwise intelligent people practice idiocy from time to time. Though if they make a habit of it, I suppose they would eventually cross the line between behaving like an idiot and actually being one.

    This assumes, of course, that you are not referring to the now-offensive medical term. I doubt that any of Boortz’s targets would meet that definition.

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