The nature of existence

Some people believe that in the beginning there was nothing except God. Then God created everything. Other people say God had nothing to do with it, that there was a big bang which resulted in the universe in which we live. But what was there before the Big Bang? Has matter existed forever? The people who say that God created everything believe that matter does not have the power of self-existence, matter cannot create itself. If matter can only exist as the result of a creative act of God, then could matter continue to exist if God ceased to exist? In response to my “It was an act of God” post, Perry said, “A creator can make something but then not be involved in what happens with the invention. For example, I could sew up some juggling bean bags, sell them and not be involved in their subsequent juggling.” But there is a crucial difference. Perry did not cause the materials to come into existence that the bean bags are made of. Perry can take preexisting items and cut, sew and glue them, but he cannot cause them to exist out of nothing. No one knows what it means to be able to create something out of nothing. The pyramids continue to exist even though the Pharoahs are long gone. But how do we know if matter would continue to exist if God could somehow cease to exist? On the other hand, if matter has always existed and never had a beginning and will never have an end, then it seems to me that there is no need for a creator.


It was an act of God


If God created the Universe then he must have created everything in it. Creationists use things like the eyeball to show that life could not have happened by accident. But why do you need God only in the case of eyeballs and not in the case of even the simplest biological forms? Even the simplest living cell is so complicated that scientists do not understand all its workings. If the act of creation was a miracle, then every time a lamb is born is also a miracle. Every time hydrogen and oxygen join to form water is a miracle. Every time a photon of light travels from a firefly to a frog’s eye is a miracle. If God created the Universe then nothing can exist without God’s continuous intervention. He is someone who is continuously spinning plates. If he takes his attention away the plates come crashing down. But a God that can create a universe is all powerful and can keep all those plates spinning with ease. Every time a raindrop falls from the sky you have witnessed an act of God.
When a nail rusts, when iron oxidizes, this is an act of God. How can it be otherwise? Did the iron oxide choose to form itself out of oxygen and iron? How can anything happen without the Creator’s immediate involvement? That is if there is a Creator.