Arrest KONY in 2012

Here’s a KONY 2012 poster.


2 thoughts on “Arrest KONY in 2012

  1. I think that everyone should join the Kony 2012 and I promise that I will put up posters in my subdivision , near my school , and at my grandmother’s subdivision . I know this is just one person saying this but I am doing it because I think that I can make a difference . I am doing this because of Kony . He needs to be heard of or else he will not be heard of and nobody will care . I think it’s just soooo sad that some of these kids get killed and some of the kids have to kill their parents and join Kony’s army .

    WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I got really excited when I first saw this video. I’m believe Joseph Kony has committed terrible crimes in Uganda and other countries in Africa, but I’m not sure what we in the USA should do about it. I don’t think the US Military should go in and capture Kony without the request of the African nation where he is.

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