I ditched Mac and Windows

In January or February I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my 2009 Mac mini. After I installed Ubuntu, I learned that there is a faster, lighter version called Xubuntu. Rather than starting over from scratch I installed Xubuntu along side standard Ubuntu. That resulted in a lot of redundent programs and left me with only 17 GB of free space. Then I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 and a few things broke. Today I decided to start from scratch and install just Xubuntu. It took less than 30 minutes to download the disk image via Bit Torrent, maybe 15 minutes to burn it to a CD and, get this, 20 minutes to install. You heard that right. I booted from the Xubuntu CD, clicked “Install” and 20 minutes later had Xubuntu running on my computer. I also now have 46 GB of free space (after restoring all my backed up documents). When I was using Mac OS X I was down to 8 GB of free space.

My computer feels like a new machine and it cost me the price of one blank CD.

Here are the first few programs I installed after installing Xubuntu:

VLC – media player
Grsync – file backup utility
Blender – 3D computer graphics program
feh – a wicked fast command line image viewer
Flash plugin – yuck


5 thoughts on “I ditched Mac and Windows

  1. It’s not quite as user friendly as Windows or OS X, but it’s pretty close. I’d give it a try. If you know how to back up and restore your current setup you can always go back to the way things were.

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