Amazing Animated Optical Illusions

In this video a clear sheet of plastic with black vertical stripes is slid across a piece of paper with a black and white image printed on it. As the clear sheet moves from one side to the other it appears that parts of the static image move.


Pixar Movies and their Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

Toy Story, 1995, Rotten Tomatoes 100%
A Bug’s Life, 1998, Rotten Tomatoes 92%
Toy Story 2, 1999, Rotten Tomatoes 100%
Monsters, Inc., 2001 Rotten Tomatoes 95%
Finding Nemo, 2003 Rotten Tomatoes, 98%
The Incredibles, 2004 Rotten Tomatoes 97%
Cars, 2006 Rotten Tomatoes 74%
Ratatouille, 2007 Rotten Tomatoes 96%
WALL-E, 2008 Rotten Tomatoes 96%
Up, 2009 Rotten Tomatoes 98%
Toy Story 3, 2010 Rotten Tomatoes 99%
Cars 2, 2011 Rotten Tomatoes 38%
Brave, 2012 Rotten Tomatoes 74%

3D Model Test

You should see above a multicolored cube. If you click and drag on the cube you should be able to rotate it and look at it from all sides. This is made possible by is a website which allows you to upload and share your 3D models for free.