Juggling in Slow Motion

My friend, Jesse Blair has a GoPro camera. He shot me at 240 frames per second. It's weird to see yourself moving in slow motion.

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Is your mind the puppeteer that is controlling your body?

Is your mind the puppeteer that is controlling your body? What is it that causes you to act?

At ReasonableFaith.org Stewart Goetz quotes the neuroscientist Wilder Penfield,

"'When I have caused a conscious patient to move his hand by applying an electrode to the motor cortex of one hemisphere, I have often asked him about it. Invariably his response was: ‘I didn’t do that. You did.’"

“There is no place in the cerebral cortex where electrical stimulation will cause a patient . . . to decide”. This is consistent with my point that choices are undetermined events with a teleological explanation. In light of his work as a neuroscientist, Penfield concludes the following: “For my own part, after years of striving to explain the mind on the basis of brain-action alone, I have come to the conclusion that it is simpler (and far easier and logical) if one adopts the hypothesis that our being does consist of two fundamental elements.”'

I disagree wtih Goetz and Penfield. I think the intellectually responsible position to take is to continue to conduct research. We can't reproduce the act of deciding by applying an electrode to the motor cortex of one hemisphere. Maybe because that is not where decisions are made. I think the evidence we have gathered so far about how the brain works is at best inconclusive. We are only beginning to learn how the brain works.

Our current brain imaging technology is still relatively rudimentary.


The Human Connectome Project is still working on mapping all of the connections in a human brain. Even when it is complete it will only tell us about the geometric structure of the brain at a very detailed level. The connectome will be a static map. To understand the brain completely will require a way to observe the connectome in action, to trace all of the neurotransmitters and nerve pulses in real time. We still have a long way to go.

Here is a progress report:



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God and Mind/Body Dualism | Reasonable Faith
God and Mind/Body Dualism | Reasonable Faith

Jesus’ Bloodline

“Differing and contradictory versions of a Jesus bloodline hypothesis have been promoted by numerous books, websites and films of non-fiction and fiction in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, which have almost all been dismissed as works of pseudohistory and conspiracy theory.” –Wikipedia

I do not hold a position on whether Jesus did or did not have children. I just think it is interesting that people claim to have descended from Jesus. I wonder if these people are sincere. If so, then it demonstrates that falsehoods about Jesus can be perpetrated with the best intentions. If they are not sincere, then why would they make such claims?

Edit: I just realized that I said I hold no position on whether Jesus had children and then I turned right around and said that people who claim to have descended from Jesus are telling falsehoods. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that someone is not telling the truth. Either the people who say Jesus had no kids are wrong or the people who say he had kids are wrong. One group is not telling the truth, but for the most part, both groups probably have good intentions.