Currently I’m an over-the-road truck driver.  When I take time off I usually return to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Many of my posts are simply a photo of a place I visited and a latitude and longitude or the latitude and longitude alone. If you copy and paste the latitude and longitude into Google you’ll see a map of the location.
• Like 4thof6, I am insatiably curious about nearly everything.
• I’ve never been married.
• I was born in 1968.
• My Google+ profile is here.
My Google Bookmarks

Here are some other interests.

adventure, air, art, artificial intelligence, backpacking, books, camping, circuses, climbing, computer graphics, earth, efficiency, flight, food, free software, fringe entertainers, games, human powered vehicles, humor, inventors, juggling, kites, language, law, Linux, maps, mathematics, movies, music, nature, outdoors, performers, philosophy, photography, science, space travel, stunts, travel, walking, water

If you search for “philosophy” on my blog you’ll see some interesting links and discussions from a few years ago regarding free will, resurrection, morality and more.

While working as a truck driver I have passed through 48 different states and a couple Canadian provinces. I’ve never been to Alaska or Hawaii. I do a little 3 and 4 ball juggling, 3 club juggling and 6 club passing. I’ve visited the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon Skywalk. I spent one day in Key West and when I was in college I spent a month working in Antigua. If I had more money I would spend more time traveling. If I could afford the ticket I’d buy a seat on the next space tourist flight. If you are looking for volunteers to go to the Moon or Mars, sign me up (even if it’s a one-way trip).


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