Dunkirk, New York

Latitude Longitude
42.4931080, -79.3005547


Brooklyn, Queens and a bridge

I crossed the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge for the first time today after picking up a load on Long Island. The bridge connects Long Island and Staten Island and was the longest suspension bridge in the world until 1981 when the Humber Bridge in England was opened. To reach the east end of the bridge I drove through Queens and Brooklyn on I-495 and I-278. These highways run through the most densely populated areas I’ve ever seen. There were numerous buildings whose second or third stories were level with the elevated roadway and only a few feet away. Can you imagine living with the continual rumble of traffic outside your window? I passed mile after mile of row houses, brownstones, shops, office and apartment buildings. It seemed as though every building had at least one wall entirely taken up by an advertisement. Some of the larger buildings had signs ten stories tall. There were neighboorhoods that had incredible quantities of graffiti on every fence, wall and overpass. Traffic was so heavy it took me two hours to drive forty-five miles. As I approached the west end of Long Island the buildings became taller and newer and through the gaps I could see the hazy skyline of Manhatten. I’ve got to go back someday when I can stay longer.

As you can see through my dirty windshield, there are many trees in Brooklyn.